Your institution makes a concerted effort to support enrollment reporting for student aid compliance with NSLDS and avoid Title IV and audit issues. The Clearinghouse is here to support your efforts. Through our on-demand resources and helpful support staff, we answer the most asked NSLDS compliance reporting questions, just in time for the holidays and all year round.

On the Search for Trending Audit Concerns with Enrollment Reporting?

Look no further! The Clearinghouse has on-demand resources available 24/7.

Looking to review your SIS, Clearinghouse Student Look-Up tab, and NSLDS to ensure accuracy?

Have New Staff Working with Enrollment Reporting?

Not a problem! Use our resources to supplement your own training and help your new employees become familiar with the Enrollment Reporting process.

Got Concerns about Enrollment Reporting Error Resolution Report or NSLDS SSCR Roster Errors?

We’ve got you covered! See our fixing errors page to find helpful resources for errors you encounter and NSLDS error correction requirements.

We are here to support your great work in maintaining NSLDS compliance reporting health. Whenever you have audit or compliance reporting questions, you can contact the Audit Resource Center at or by calling 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) and ask to speak with the Audit Resource Center team.