The Federal Student Aid (FSA) recently made changes regarding how data is ingested through the NSLDS Roster response process.

On Thursday, June 14, the National Student Clearinghouse was notified by FSA that the changes below would be installed on June 17:

1. Error 75-Bundle Incomplete. ACTION REQUIRED

  • Error Code 75-Bundle Incomplete has been expanded to include incomplete bundles caused by active programs sent on the roster not being reported in the response file. This can occur when NSLDS is requesting information on a student regarding a program at your institution and/or branch combination on which the Clearinghouse does not have information. FSA has suggested schools consult its Electronic Announcement #22 for guidance on correcting errors to program-level data, see
  • IMPACT TO YOUR INSTITUTION: You may see an increase in Error Code 75s starting with NSLDS roster responses processed on or after June 17, 2018. At this time, the Clearinghouse does not have an automated way of helping our institutions address these types of errors.
  • The Clearinghouse is actively working on a solution to better support our institutions in proactively mitigating and resolving Error Code 75s at the program level. While this solution is being developed, we encourage schools that see new Error Code 75s to log onto NSLDS to resolve them directly through the NSLDS application. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress with this enhancement.

2. Closing Out Programs. NO ACTION REQUIRED

  • When closing out a student’s program level enrollment status, the Graduated, Withdrawn or Deceased (G/W/D) statuses only need to be reported once to remove the student’s program from the roster. Previously, these statuses were required to be reported indefinitely, as long as they were requested by NSLDS. Campus-level rules remain unchanged; Graduated and Withdrawn statuses still need to be certified twice at the Campus level.
  • IMPACT TO YOUR INSTITUTION: No new action is required from your institution to accommodate this change. The Clearinghouse will respond to these roster requests on your behalf, with the data you have provided to us.

3. Summer Reporting for Students Enrolled in Spring and Expected to Return in Fall. NO ACTION REQUIRED

  • NSLDS will now store a duplicate certification (same status, effective date, and Certification Date) for unchanged enrollment as a new certification record on their database. Existing enrollment web pages in NSLDS will show the new certification records as new enrollment reporting. However, a Campus level “G” or “W” will still need to be certified twice with different Certification Dates before that student drops from the roster.
  • IMPACT TO YOUR INSTITUTION: Certification dates will continue to be updated throughout the summer with this change in process for students who are enrolled in spring, do not enroll in non-compulsory summer terms, and are expected to return in the fall. The Clearinghouse will manage this for your institution.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or