NSLDS released an updated enrollment reporting guide in November. Download the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide now. To find out what changed, read our FAQs below.

What are the major changes in the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, released in November 2016?

On November 22, NSLDS released its new NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide. The following are some of the changes of which the Clearinghouse feels you should be aware:

  • Section 2.2 (begins on page 4) has updated links to NSLDS/ED correspondence (i.e., NSLDS Newsletters, DCLs, etc.)
  • Section 3.2 (page 8) no longer contains specific information on the types of grants/loans that should be reported. Now state schools should report enrollment information for students who have received or benefited from any Title IV grant or loan either at your school or a previously attended school.
  • Section 4.2.2 (begins on page 12) includes published program length as a component of a unique program (i.e., Unique Program=OPEID, CIP code, Credential Level, and now includes published program length)
  • Chapter 4 section 4.4 (begins on page 15) contains information related to program-level data
    • Section 4.4.2 (begins on page 15) covers “W” and “G” effective dates and provides greater detail than the previous NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide
    • Section 4.4.5 (begins on page 17) has additional examples of published program length (page 18) and a resource table (pages 19-20) to assist schools
  • Section (begins on page 82) provides information related to viewing program enrollment detail on the NSLDS site:
    • Section (begins on page 142) is on the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics page
    • Section (begins on page 144) is on the Certification Statistics available from the NSLDS site
  • Appendix D – SSCR Error Definitions:
    • SSCR error code 21’s definition has been revised. Enrollment status effective date must be “less than 30 years in the past” has been changed to must be “less than 45 years in the past.”
    •  Three new SSCR error codes have been added (77, 78, and 79)