New NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide Released

On November 12, 2020, Federal Student Aid (FSA) released its new NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide (PDF) and NSLDS Guide Appendices (PDF). The guide contains information on the transition from CIP Year 2010 to CIP Year 2020, including:

  • NSLDS SSCR error logic for CIP Year 2020
  • CIP Year is now considered a program identifier for a unique program. Unique program identifiers are OPEID, CIP Code, CIP Year, Credential Level, Program Length, Program Length Measurement, and Weeks in Title IV Academic Year (for programs measured in weeks or months).

Primarily, the guide updates are focused on changes due to the 2020 CIP Codes, including:

For a full list of changes, make sure you read “What’s New” on pp ii-iv of the guide and page one of the appendices.

The Latest on the Clearinghouse’s CIP 2020 Enhancement

The Clearinghouse continues to diligently work on our CIP 2020 enhancement and has successfully installed two new functionalities. If your institution has converted the enrollment data you report to us from the 2010 to the 2020 NCES lookup table values, the Clearinghouse will:

  • Auto-remediate any 2010 value we receive from you to the 2020 CIP year/CIP code combination, if the value is the same in the 2010 and 2020 tables
  • Accept 2020 CIP year/code combinations for all CIP code categories (unchanged, moved, deleted) for your new students, those not previously reported at your institution with 2010 CIP year/code information or other enrollment

In addition, we are on track to deliver these Phase II features by the end of this year to those institutions that have converted the enrollment data you report to us from the 2010 to the 2020 NCES lookup table values:

  • 004 Record Type: We will implement the new 004 NSLDS record type to enable a program’s CIP Code to be changed without using “W” (withdrawn) or “X” (never attended). This feature will be used for students in the “moved” or “deleted” categories on the 2010 NCES lookup table. The Clearinghouse will automatically create a 004 record type for the corresponding 2020 NCES lookup table values. You will be alerted to review students who have been included in the 004 group prior to their submittal to NSLDS via a warning on your Error Resolution Report page.
  • Continuously Enrolled Students: The Clearinghouse will accept continuously enrolled students in the “moved” or “deleted” categories on the 2020 NCES lookup table. Where applicable, we will report the 004 record to NSLDS in order to move all enrollment history previously reported under the 2010 CIP code to the 2020 CIP code for the corresponding program.

Finally, the following Phase III features are scheduled to be installed during the first quarter of 2021:

  • Accept continuously enrolled students with a new CIP Code introduced in the 2020 CIP Code list
  • Enable institutions to resolve new NSLDS SSCR Error Codes related to 2020 CIP Codes (error codes 80, 81 and 82) on our Error Correction application located on the Student Reporting tab of our secure site
  • Enable institutions to update program identifiers for students’ existing programs via our secure site. This includes moving all history previously reported under the prior CIP Code to the new CIP Code for the same program
  • Implement final 004 record type functionality that will enable our Roster Response to include changes to other program identifiers (Credential Level, Program Length, Program Length Measurement, and Weeks in Title IV Academic Year) based on changes to program identifiers that institutions enter via our secure site

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Compliance & Data Operations team at or 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2).