The National Student Clearinghouse is incorporating a new validation that compares inconsistencies in a student’s reported “Program Begin Date” in Enrollment Reporting’s Error Resolution on the Web reporting process. This enhancement is part of the Clearinghouse’s continued commitment to providing exceptional support that helps your institution meet evolving NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) and FSA (Federal Student Aid) Title IV enrollment compliance reporting expectations.

Why is the new validation being added to Error Resolution on the Web reporting?

In consultation with NSLDS, FSA, and our school clients, the Clearinghouse is adding the additional validations to ensure institutions maintain compliance with the following guidance in the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide (see page 32):

“The Program Begin Date is the date the student first began attending the program being reported. Typically, this would be the first day of the term in which the student began enrollment in the program, unless the student enrolled in the program on an earlier date. Note: if a student withdraws from the program and later returns to the exact same program, the Program Begin Date will not change.”

What is the new 1811 Warning Code series?

The new series includes Warning Codes 1811 to 1816, which are used to report up to six program level records per student (e.g., 1811 – Program 1, 1812 – Program 2, 1813 – Program 3, etc.).  The 1811 Warning Code series is slated to be in place in late December 2021.

On the Error Resolution on the Web screen, the 1811 Warning Code series will be displayed in black. You will be required to review and act if an 1811 series Warning Code is flagged, and your institution’s records show that a program begin date needs to be corrected. If the program begin date is correct, no action is required for the 1811 series Warning Code that is flagged.

Which enrollment records does the new 1811 Warning Codes series flag?

The 1811 Warning Code series flags “Program Begin Date” inconsistencies on student records in the incoming enrollment file and presents them to the institution for review in our Error Resolution on the Web application. The record is flagged with an 1811 Warning Code if the “Program Begin Date” in the incoming enrollment file does not match the last certified “Program Begin Date” as compared to the previous certified enrollment for the same program.

This flag enables performing mass updates and group edits for each of the warning codes in the series (1811-1816) within Error Resolution on the Web. As a result, you can quickly fix “Program Begin Date” inconsistencies.

If you receive an 1811-1816 Warning Code and have a question, please contact the Data Operations Analyst assigned to your Enrollment File. Your Data Operations Analyst’s direct contact information is available on the summary screen within the Clearinghouse Error Resolution on the Web application.