The National Student Clearinghouse is enhancing Enrollment Reporting’s Error Resolution Report process to display the defaulted Campus-Level Status Start Date (SSD) when the incoming file’s SSD is blank. This enhancement is expected to be deployed early June 2022. This is part of the Clearinghouse’s goal to increase transparency surrounding enrollment status effective dates to help your school continue to meet evolving compliance data reporting expectations for NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) and FSA (Federal Student Aid).

What is a defaulted Campus-Level SSD?

For compliance reporting purposes, and as part of the regular reporting procedure, if a blank SSD is included on the incoming enrollment file, the Campus-Level SSD is typically defaulted to the Term Begin Date or previously submitted Campus-Level SSD for the student.

What should I expect with this enhancement?

On Error Resolution on the Web, you will see the defaulted Campus-Level Status Start Date. This increased transparency on enrollment status effective dates will help to prevent incompatibility between the Campus-Level SSD and Program-Level Program Status Effective Date (PSED).

What action do I need to take for this enhancement?

None. There is no action for your school to take for this enhancement. However, we encourage your institution to review students who have conflicts between campus- and program-level status effective dates. This enhancement provides visibility and helps ensure compatibility (when appropriate) between the campus and program level for the selected student.

If you have questions while using Error Resolution on the Web, please contact the Data Operations Analyst assigned to your Enrollment File. Your Data Operations Analyst’s direct contact information is available on the summary screen within the Clearinghouse Error Resolution on the Web application.