Navigation update corresponding to Data Reporting Dashboard:

  1. Select the Student Reporting tab
  2. Select the Data Reporting Dashboard link
  3. Select the DegreeVerify (G Not Generated from DegreeVerify Record) tile or select the left navigation menu > Degree Transmission > Degree Transmission History
    • Select from 3 tabs:
      • Detail (summary of the processed degree file)
      • G Applied (exportable list of the students who had graduated statuses applied to their enrollment records by the Clearinghouse)
      • G Not Applied (exportable list of students who did not have a graduated status applied to their enrollment record)
  4. On the G Not Applied tab, click the student’s SSN or Student ID to make a correction

The National Student Clearinghouse’s Graduated from DegreeVerify (G from DV) service helps schools meet National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) graduated status reporting requirements. In October 2017, the Clearinghouse released a transparency enhancement for G from DV that allows schools to access an exportable list of students who did not have a G applied to their enrollment records.

You spoke, we listened! Based on feedback from our schools, we are happy to announce that in mid-May 2018, the Clearinghouse will release additional G from DV transparency and functionality.

What Functionality Is Being Added?

Does My School Need to Make Changes?

  • No, your school will not need to adjust the way you report degree/enrollment information. Rather, we are enhancing our service to save your school time and resources.

How Do We Use the Editable G from DV Enhancement?

After your degree file is processed, log on to our secure site and:

  1. Go to the Student Reporting tab
  2. Click the “Degree Transmission” link
  3. Click the “Degree Transmission History” tab
  4. Identify the degree file you would like to see details on and select the “Detail” link
  5. Three tabs will be displayed from which you can select:
    • Detail
    • G Applied: An exportable list of students for whom the Clearinghouse applied graduated statuses
    • G Not Applied: An exportable list of students who did not have a graduated status applied to their enrollment record
  6. Click the student’s Social Security number or student ID from the “G Not Applied” tab to apply the G status, if needed

Using Editable G from DV will make it easier for your school to access, update, and correct your enrollment records to stay in compliance. To learn more, register now for one of our upcoming 50-minute live webinars, “Enrollment Reporting: Editable G from DV,” with Q&A:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or

We also invite you to “Join the Journey” as the Clearinghouse celebrates our 25th anniversary as your trusted partner in 2018 with an academic year filled with new events, services, and more.