The Clearinghouse Data Flow for NSLDS SSCR Error File Processing

Our SSCR error correction functionality enables you to log onto our secure site so you can:

  • See which students have SSCR errors and the associated error description
  • Understand how to fix the errors
  • Have greater control of how to correct the errors online

Here’s how data flows between your school, the Clearinghouse, and the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) for SSCR error corrections and processing.

Fixing Errors Flow

Your SSCR Errors Action Guide

First, it’s important for you to know that NSLDS made a major change to the SSCR Error process in late 2016. According to the  NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, published in November 2016, schools are now required to correct errors on their SSCR Error Report within 10 business days vs. respond to the report within 10 days. The latest NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Guide, published in November of 2017, also requires the correction of SSCR errors within 10 days. You can read more about compliance reporting requirements on our blog.

Here are some steps you can take to help you better understand and resolve SSCR errors.
  1. You can read more about compliance reporting requirements on our blog.
  2. Sign up on our Clearinghouse Academy site for our live webinars on SSCR error resolution (as well as the other useful webinars that are also available) or one of our free in-person “Clearinghouse Academy in Your Neighborhood” events, when we come to your area.
  3. Watch one of our on-demand webinars on SSCR error resolution available on our Clearinghouse Academy site.
  4. Watch our short tutorial on using our SSCR Error Correction functionality.
  5. For help while using our SSCR Error Correction functionality, read our frequently asked questions and error code definitions.  We have also prepared an FAQs on the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics Page that provides key summary-level information about the data fields and calculations.
  6. Contact us with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fix errors online?
Yes. Our SSCR error correction functionality enables you to view and correct SSCR errors via the Clearinghouse secure site. Our system automatically sends you an email notifying you that your SSCR errors are ready for review. This is a trigger to let you know that the Clearinghouse has received your SSCR Error Report from NSLDS and it is ready for you to review and correct it.
How soon should I submit SSCR error corrections?
Each time you upload a file to the Clearinghouse, it is checked for errors. If any are found, an error report is posted for your school’s review. You should review this file and respond as soon as possible. Your data is not loaded into our system, shared with loan servicers, or made available for verification until you have resolved the issues identified.
Who can make SSCR error corrections?
The Submission Data or Submission Data Alternate contacts at your school can make error corrections.


NSLDS Error Codes 22, 66 and 67

What you should know about the emergence of previously uncommon errors related to NSLDS’s Error Code 75 logic change.

Important NSLDS Change to the SSCR Error Corrections Process

As a part of your compliance reporting service, the National Student Clearinghouse responds to NSLDS on your behalf, providing up-to-date information on your students, who have been identified as possible Title IV Aid or Direct Loan recipients.