On April 20, FSA released its guidance related to Summer Term Reporting. After careful review, the Clearinghouse believes that additional clarity is needed related to the guidance in order to confirm institutional compliance. As a result, we have asked FSA to clarify how the following should be handled by schools:

  1. Correctly determining the certification dates on spring semester data and when that data should be reported, instead of reporting the “Less Than Half Time” statuses during optional summer terms
  2. Accurately capturing a student’s withdrawn status during a summer term with respect to the “Date of Determination” logic
  3. Accurately capturing the correct dates for a student who was “Less Than Half Time” during optional summer terms and who does not return in the fall

Our objective in asking for the above clarifications is to ensure the highest standards of data quality and integrity are reflected in the information being reported. The Clearinghouse is also working to determine if any changes are needed within our process to ensure our summer reporting aligns with the needs of both loan servicers and NSLDS.

We do not anticipate that your school will need to make any changes in your reporting to the Clearinghouse.

Please stay tuned as we await further clarification from FSA, which we will share with you.

If you have any audit or compliance related questions, please contact our Audit Resource Center at auditresource@studentclearinghouse.org.

If you have questions regarding how you should submit your enrollment information, please contact our Data Integrity and Operations Department at schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org.