In our June 20 blog post, the National Student Clearinghouse provided information regarding Federal Student Aid (FSA) changes to how data is ingested through the NSLDS Roster response process, which FSA installed June 17. As a result of these changes, the NSLDS may flag additional records with Error Code 75 for NSLDS Enrollment Rosters processed after June 17, 2018.

We wanted to share important updates to the information regarding Error 75 and the action you should take.

Error 75-Bundle Incomplete. ACTION REQUIRED

Error Code 75-Bundle Incomplete has been expanded to include incomplete bundles caused by active programs sent on the roster not being reported in the response file. This can occur when NSLDS is requesting information on a student regarding a program at your institution and/or branch combination on which the Clearinghouse does not have information. FSA has suggested schools consult its Electronic Announcement #22 for guidance on correcting errors to program-level data.

  • IMPACT TO YOUR INSTITUTION: You may see an increase in Error Code 75 starting with NSLDS roster responses processed on or after June 17, 2018. At this time, the Clearinghouse does not have an automated way of helping our institutions address these types of errors.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AS OF JULY 9, 2018: Program lengths should be reported as they are published. The manner in which student records, including program lengths, are reported to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) website and the Clearinghouse should be identical. Reporting program lengths differently can result in an NSLDS Error Code 75. Please ensure consistency in reporting between your financial aid and registrar offices.

  • If your institution reports a summer session as a non-required term, the current Clearinghouse process will not compare it to the student’s previous term record to identify if a previously reported program is missing. This may result in Error Code 75. The Clearinghouse is actively working on a solution to better support our institutions in proactively mitigating and resolving Error Code 75 at the program level. While this solution is being developed, we encourage you to log onto NSLDS if you see Error Code 75 and resolve the errors directly through the NSLDS application.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AS OF JULY 9, 2018: If the program information in NSLDS is correct and what was previously reported to the Clearinghouse was done so in error, you will need to submit an Online Update through the Clearinghouse secure site to reflect the corrected information. This includes closing out the inaccurate information with a “Never Attended” status and re-reporting the student with the correct campus and program level data.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or