The National Student Clearinghouse has updated our enrollment file validations process to enable schools to send campus-level Status Start Date (SSD) changes for students whose status has been increased to full time from a lower status within the same term.

What Is Changing?

The Clearinghouse will accept an SSD reported by the institution within the same term if a student’s enrollment status increases to full time (F) from any other enrollment status.

If a status start date for a full-time student is not reported, the Clearinghouse will continue to set the start date to the begin date of the term during which the student was reported as full-time. The SSD field will continue to be an optional field for changes to full-time (F) statuses.

Why Is the Change Happening?

This change is being implemented in response to requests we have received from our schools as well as to capture and report the date in which a student changes his or her status to full time (F) within the same term.

What Does This Mean for My School?

The Clearinghouse has established additional validations on SSDs for full-time statuses. These will be presented to users as they work through enrollment file warnings on the Error Resolution On The Web application available on our secure site. We strongly encourage you to review these new validations. However, because they are coded as warnings not resolving them will not delay your enrollment data processing or prevent you from selecting the “I Am Done” button once you have fixed all your transmission’s required errors. For details on the new warning codes, please see our updated Enrollment Reporting Programming & Testing Guide.

Does My School Need to Make Any Changes?

No, your school will not need to adjust how you report your enrollment files, unless you want to start sending SSDs on full-time status changes that occur during the term. If so, the full-time SSDs should be included in your normal extract. The Clearinghouse will intake the data through our standard process.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 (select options #7, #2) or