The Clearinghouse is updating the way you view and correct errors on your SSCR Error Reports. We communicated earlier in the year that this new functionality was going to be delivered by year’s end. We are pleased to announce that these functions are now available for you to use.

Our new SSCR error correction functionality moves the entire process online so you can:

  • See which students have SSCR errors and the associated error description
  • Understand how to fix the errors
  • Have greater control of how to correct the errors online

And you can do it all on the Clearinghouse secure Web site.

As NSLDS outlines in its Enrollment Reporting Guide and its latest Newsletter #56, correcting SSCR errors is a compliance reporting requirement. In order to help keep you in compliance, the Clearinghouse returns your SSCR Error Report for you within NSLDS’s timeframe, which we will continue to do even now that our new functionality is in place.

Watch for more information and training on this exciting enhancement through our Clearinghouse Academy. In the meantime, contact us at, if you have any questions.