Don’t Let Your NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics Score Fall Below the Threshold

During the third week of every month, the NSLDS calculates an updated Enrollment Reporting Statistics Score covering a 135-day evaluation period. The score, which assesses the consistency and completeness of your institution’s program-level enrollment reporting, can be accessed via the NSLDS’s website.

It’s important that you monitor your score on the NSLDS site each month. An unchecked NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics Score can introduce risk into your school’s enrollment reporting compliance. Note: Many schools have access to the NSLDS website through their financial aid office.

Plus, don’t forget to check our helpful resources below. They can both help you avoid receiving NSLDS Letters of Non-Compliance (“Enrollment Reporting Compliance Notifications”) and maintain an Enrollment Reporting Statistics Score that accurately reflects program enrollment at your school.

For assistance, work directly with our Audit Resource Center by contacting us at or by calling 703.742.4200, press #7, press #2, and ask to speak with the Audit Resource Center.