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StudentTracker 3.0 is Coming!

We’re hard at work on a major upgrade of our StudentTracker® service. Get the latest information on the improvements you can expect to see from StudentTracker 3.0.

StudentTracker is the only nationwide source of independently verified college enrollment and degree data. Thousands of colleges and universities nationwide regularly provide enrollment and graduation data to the National Student Clearinghouse. The data covers nearly all students enrolled in public and private U.S. postsecondary institutions. You can use StudentTracker to query our participating institutions’ student data to perform all types of educational research and analyses. And, in the future, you will be able to do even more!

How Will StudentTracker 3.0 Benefit Me?

StudentTracker 3.0 will offer an easier way for you to access and interact with student data — all from an intuitive, modern, user-friendly interface. You will benefit in several ways:

  • It will be easier to submit data to StudentTracker
  • The system will be more efficient
  • A new set of robust standardized reports will be available to all StudentTracker subscribers
  • The platform will offer a simpler, more streamlined, interactive user experience
  • It will include expanded data sets to enrich reports, as they become available

Do you have questions about StudentTracker 3.0? Are you interested in being a beta tester?
Contact us now.

Read our FAQs for secondary subscribers to learn more about StudentTracker 3.0.

The StudentTracker 3.0 Development Timeline

Phase 0 – completed

In Phase 0, the Clearinghouse:

  • Designed the proposed application and data architecture
  • Secured the necessary feedback loops from key 3rd-party partners, like NCAN and others
  • Assembled a client advisory committee from across our different StudentTracker client groups
  • Built early front-end design flows
  • Hired the necessary technical resources in both our Herndon, Virginia, headquarters and our technical hub in Pittsburgh
  • Finalized project funding

Phase 1 – current

Phase I focuses on StudentTracker for secondary users:

Phase 1.0 – April 2022

Beta testing of the following functionality:


  • Institution-specific landing page with three key outcome visuals:
    1. Enrollment for most recent high school class
    2. Persistence & Retention for class from two years prior
    3. Completions for class from four years prior
  • Expand each visual to see more detailed outcomes
  • Access filters to change high school class and demographic data elements


Choose your report and high school year and generate:

  • Student-level detail report that includes dual enrollment and additional data elements
  • Student-level analysis-ready report that condenses the detail report into one row per student
  • Completions outcomes counts for each outcome in .CSV

Student Search

  • Search for one student at a time

Account Transparency

  • View and manage users to ensure your user list is always up to date
  • View data about your participating high schools
  • View subscription end date and billing contact information

Phase 1.1 – Early Summer 2022

  • Additional outcomes and reports
  • New file submission process
  • Begin migration of current StudentTracker for High School users onto the new platform

Phase 2 and Phase 3 – future

In Phases 2 and 3, the Clearinghouse will focus on improving the platform and rolling it out to all StudentTracker subscribers. Here are some examples of the kinds of work we will be doing in these future phases:

  • Ensure interoperability, so that the platform can adapt to future innovations
  • Consolidate the different client types into one, streamlined platform that serves all StudentTracker subscribers
  • Enrich our data sets through expanded partnerships including Industry Credentials, employment, and enlistment data
  • Create community groups so you can learn best practices from other StudentTracker subscribers
  • Bolster insights by connecting StudentTracker 3.0 with the Postsecondary Data Partnership

We would like to thank the funding partners:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation