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PDP Pricing

The Clearinghouse offers several different Postsecondary Data Partnership packages based on the number of records your organization needs access to and the type of data you want to receive.

PDP Annual Pricing

The institution receives access to interactive dashboards and the analysis-ready file.

$2,695 <4,000 FTE enrollment
$3,295 4,000–9,999 FTE enrollment
$3,995 ≥10,000 FTE enrollment
System of Institutions or State Agencies:

Annual price is equal to the sum of the individual prices for all institutions included in the subscription.

We are providing the following discounts/promotions.

(1) Any institution with less than 500 enrollment and part of a third-party (e.g., Achieving the Dream) will be provided an exception annual subscription pricing in the amount of $1,495 per year.

(2) For systems and states that sign-up with ≥ 12 institutions, we will not invoice/charge for institutions with ≤ 500 FTE enrollment.

(3) Any State or System of Institutions where there is one primary point of contact with more than 9 institutions, will be provided a 15% discount on an annual subscription.

(4) For systems and states that sign-up with ≥ 40 institutions and execute a three-year (or longer) commitment will provide a 30% discount on annual subscriptions.