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Tell Your Institution’s Story

The Postsecondary Data Partnership’s (PDP’s) interactive dashboards enable your institution to easily share the story of its progress with internal stakeholders and the education organizations and associations that you identify to the Clearinghouse. Dashboard data is functionally organized into key categories and can be filtered by a variety of characteristics.

The interactive dashboard includes:

  • Data visualizations. Access powerful visual representations of your student data, which can be easily exported and shared.
  • Filtering options. Segment data using multiple filters at once to gain deeper insights and an understanding of which populations on your campus need support.
  • Subgroup gap analysis. Easily explore differences in academic progress and outcomes between multiple small populations of students.
  • Multiple user permissions. Grant dashboard access to multiple users across campus — at no extra cost.
  • Third-party sharing. Quickly and easily send your institution’s data to the education organizations you partner with.

Dashboard displays can be filtered by:

  • Academic preparedness in math and English
  • Age
  • Attendance status
  • Cohort
  • Cohort term
  • Credential type sought
  • Dual and summer enrollment
  • Enrollment status
  • First-generation-student status
  • Gender
  • GPA range
  • Pell Grant* status
  • Race/ethnicity

*Pell Grant status should only to be used for the application, award, administration, or evaluation of financial aid programs.

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