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Myhub Vision

Today, Myhub℠ offers significant value to learners and institutions by bringing together a learner’s verifiable achievements and storing them in a single, secure digital locker. But that’s just the beginning of the Clearinghouse’s vision for the Myhub platform. Myhub has the potential to help close skills and equity gaps across the labor force by becoming the best skills- and attainment-gap closing engine. Here’s how:

Empowering learners for lifelong success

Myhub already gives learners a complete picture of their current learning achievements and accomplishments. But what about the accomplishments they’ll need in the future to secure the career they want? With Myhub, we want to empower learners to make smart decisions about how to invest in additional education or credentials that will pay off down the line.

Myhub will provide key information about the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies learners will need to be competitive candidates in their chosen career fields. Institutions that choose to subscribe to this Myhub platform capability will provide their learners with actionable information about how their current academic experience compares to the skills employers are looking for within a given career field. This information will help learners design an effective path from where they are now to where they want to go.

With this roadmap in hand, learners can make the best choices about what skills they need to develop and what credentials they need to attain to succeed in that career. Putting this critical information directly into learners’ own hands will enable them to close the gap between their current ambition and future success.

Enabling new opportunities for career advancement

Myhub will offer a suite of services – to which institutions will be able to subscribe − that allow the learner to signal their educational achievements to the world – including employers searching for talent. Learners can control and curate the skills they share in this permanent, verifiable record, which can work with multiple technology platforms.

To make this vision a reality, the Clearinghouse and a consortium of leading academic and professional organizations and business leaders are working to evaluate the use of blockchain technology to produce a permanent, verifiable record of learning and skills certifications. Read more here.

Through these enhancements, Myhub will not only greatly mitigate the risk of resume fraud, but will also make it significantly easier for companies to identify promising candidates and academic institutions to manage the huge increase in demand for learning credentials, while helping jobseekers and lifelong learners.


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