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Myhub FAQs

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Myhub℠ is a centralized and secure digital locker for learning achievements and academic records from institutions participating with the Clearinghouse.

Myhub saves your institution time by enabling students to have direct access to enrollment certificates, to order transcripts, to download diploma copies, and more. Using the Myhub platform frees up your department’s resources, so you can provide better customer service to students — and it’s free to institutions and learners alike.

Unlike the student’s record at your institution, Myhub provides your students with access to their entire academic record from all the institutions they’ve formerly attended that also participate in Myhub. In addition, Myhub gives your students access to verified credentials earned from industry providers using Credly’s Acclaim platform. Users can order transcripts via the Next Generation Transcript Experience — up to 50% faster than other transcript ordering solutions — as well as order and view institution-awarded digital credentials from CeDiploma®.

Once you activate the Myhub platform, your students and alumni can access the following information and services, depending on your participation in each of the services:

Myhub Page/Feature:

Service Participation:

  • Enrollment Reporting
  • DegreeVerify
  • Reverse Transfer
  • Enrollment Reporting, DegreeVerify, or Reverse Transfer
  • Transcript Ordering
  • CeDiploma, provided by Paradigm, Inc.
  • Digital credentials, provided by Credly
  • Enrollment Reporting
  • Enrollment Reporting and optional submission of Advanced Registration and Good Student Discount data

The current features and functionality in the Myhub platform are free to institutions and their learners.

Participation is required in one of the following: Enrollment Reporting or DegreeVerify. Student IDs must be submitted for 80% or more of the students in the data the institution reports to the Clearinghouse. If student IDs are not submitted, the institution must provide date of birth (DOB) in its SAML token. If you do not participate in any of the required services or submit either student ID or DOB, the Clearinghouse will not have any student records from you that we can match and present to Myhub users. As a result, your students and alumni will not be able to access Myhub.

Once you sign and return the Clearinghouse’s Master Service Agreement (MSA) and the Myhub Statement of Work (SOW), you’ll be guided through Myhub’s three-step implementation process:

  1. Set up and test single sign-on (SSO). This may require IT assistance.
  2. Send us your institution’s logos (for application and certificates)
  3. Provide your contact information for student/alumni questions

Myhub has a seamless integration with the Clearinghouse’s Next Generation Transcript Experience. This includes the ability to pre-populate up to 14 different personal identifiers during ordering, further optimizing the industry’s most efficient transcript ordering solution.

Students and alumni accessing the Myhub platform from a social account for the first time must complete an online registration process that pings our student record database and industry-leading identity authentication technology to find a match. Once a single match is found, the student is presented with a series of challenge questions based on their academic and/or personal history, which only the student should know. If the challenge questions are answered successfully, the student or alumnus is granted access to the record with which he or she was matched.

No, your institution can elect to prevent the course and grade data it provides to the Clearinghouse for Reverse Transfer from displaying in Myhub.

Yes, the Enrollment and Advanced Registration certificate feature is the same, but with an enhancement. Exclusively for enrollment certificates generated by Myhub, your institution can replace the Clearinghouse logo watermark with your institution’s logo.

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