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EnrollmentVerify FAQs

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EnrollmentVerify℠ is a web-based system that provides instant enrollment verifications for student service providers.

No additional data or programming is required. All verifications are performed using the enrollment data that you already provide to us.

Only enrollment information that you designate as directory information is provided.

It enables student service providers to verify enrollment for your students 24/7, even after hours or when your office is closed. By participating, you ensure that your students never experience delays in verifying their enrollment for housing, jobs, credit applications, student discounts, and more.

EnrollmentVerify is designed to ease your institution’s administrative burden by allowing the Clearinghouse to act as your agent in verifying enrollment when a student applies for products, services, or employment contingent upon student status.

EnrollmentVerify is regularly used by all types of student service providers, including the following:

  • Credit grantors
  • Travel companies
  • Computer hardware and software resellers
  • Other student service providers

No, EnrollmentVerify is free to collegiate institutions. In addition, the Clearinghouse will waive the fee for processing your Perkins and private loan deferments and enrollment verification requests from scholarship, grant, and other aid programs.

As soon as your EnrollmentVerify registration is complete, you should refer all requestors to the EnrollmentVerify website, We also suggest you place a link to EnrollmentVerify on your school’s website.

Yes. Like all Clearinghouse programs, EnrollmentVerify is fully compliant with FERPA. We respect the policies governing release of student data to third parties of all participating institutions. To further protect privacy, we employ the latest encryption technologies and maintain an audit trail of all verification requests that you can view via our secure website.

Most enrollment verification requests are confirmed instantly. When enrollment is not verified, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Student has a privacy block on the record
  • Your school has not sent us the record or has placed a hold on it
  • Requestor wants to verify information that you have not designated as directory information or that schools do not provide to us (e.g., GPA)
  • Student is not currently enrolled
  • We cannot identify the requested record (often because the requestor has entered incorrect information)

Whenever enrollment cannot be confirmed, the requestor is instructed to contact the student to obtain additional or corrected information or to request that the student provide alternate enrollment verification.

If you are not a Clearinghouse participant, you will automatically receive EnrollmentVerify when you sign up for our free Enrollment Reporting service, which provides enrollment verifications and deferments for your financial aid students.

After we receive your signed agreement, we’ll assign a client coordinator to guide you through implementation of both our Enrollment Reporting service and EnrollmentVerify.

If you are already a Clearinghouse participant, you can add our free EnrollmentVerify service by signing an addendum to your Enrollment Reporting agreement. Once we receive your signed addendum, we can begin fulfilling your enrollment status inquiries for your students through EnrollmentVerify.

Contact us to request an EnrollmentVerify amendment from your Clearinghouse regional or managing director.