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Graduate Reporting Schedule FAQs

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Enrollment Reporting Graduates

If graduates are not reported, the Clearinghouse will not report them as separated from school until the first standard report of the next term. By that time, much of the students’ six-month repayment grace period may have passed, leaving little time for lenders to notify students of their repayment obligations and deadlines. Additionally, the Department of Education may recommend sanctions for your institution if you fail to report “G” statuses.

Report your spring graduates either via your regular spring end-of-term report or a separate graduates-only report. A graduates-only report is often preferable because it won’t delay reporting of your other non-graduating students.

If you send a graduates-only file, modify your selection criteria accordingly and use the last day of the term (not the date of the graduation ceremony) as the graduation date. You will also need to make the following minor changes to a copy of your existing Clearinghouse program (do not modify your existing program, make all changes on a copy of the program):

Header Records

If you submit data in the standard Clearinghouse format, your program generates an output file containing a header record, followed by data records. These two data elements in the header record should be changed as follows:

  • Academic Term value should be set to some abbreviation of “Spring Graduates 200?” that will fit in header positions 11-25
  • Standard Report Flag (position 26) should be set to “N”, for non-standard term data

If you report to the Clearinghouse via a vendor-supplied software interface, consult your vendor about the changes that need to be made in order to submit summer reports.

Enrollment Reporting for Student Aid Compliance


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